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Chiropractic care at Swick Chiropractic consists of a series of adjustments, carefully manipulating misalignments of the joints to restore the body's ideal posture. When the body's joints, and in particular the vertebrae of the spine, are out of alignment, no other functions in the body will be at optimal performance. The spinal cord is a crucial "wire" sending electric signals from the brain to the rest of the body. and vice versa For instance, when you touch something that's hot, your body senses the heat (and therefore danger) with the hand. Then, nerves transport signals from the hand to the bran. The brain responds by signaling the hand to pull away quickly! These, and all other signals must go through the spinal cord.


When any vertebrae are out of their careful, lego-like alignment, they are not only putting painful pressure on your nerves in the spine, but they can prevent other signals from properly traveling back and forth. Think of it like putting a rock on a watering hose. The water may still flow out, but certainly not at its most forceful potential. This is a crude illustration, but it gives a basic visual to what we call a subluxation--an issue Dr. Swick will seek to correct. When you have subluxations, they can be the underlying cause of many symptoms such as headaches, numbness in the extremities, dizziness, fatigue, and back pains. For many people, these subluxations were the result of some trauma years ago. For instance, if you were in a car accident as a child and suffer weekly migraines today, chances are good that it's due to the misalignment of the spine which occurred in that accident.


Doctors of Chiropractic, like Dr. Swick, have been carefully trained and undergone years of experience in order to manipulate the spine safely. The spinal cord is imperative for life, just as the brain is. Therefore it is important to consider the experience and credibility of the chiropractor you entrust. Getting your neck "cracked" by just anyone, is in fact very dangerous. Imagine getting a root canal by an inexperienced dentist. That would be crazy! Dr. Swick has not only graduated cum laude from Palmer Chiropractic College, but he has also owned and operated a successful, reputable practice here in Upstate NY for over 22 years. In addition, he attends regular seminars to keep up with the latest chiropractic technologies and techniques.

"Can children be adjusted?" This is a common question we here at Swick Chiropractic. And the answer is absolutely, yes! Children can benefit from chiropractic care in the same way that adults. We understand that some parents are concerned with the safety, and we understand that this concern stems for a love for their children. At Swick Chirpractic, we will always respect your decisions for your family. The data, however, suggests no adverse effects from early childhood chiropractic. In fact, just the opposite. The following are just a few samples of studies done by leading modern scientists:
















Birth itself can be traumatic, in the scientific sense of the word, for that little baby. The process, especially of a natural birth, is one of the most spine-wrenching things a human will sustain. The importance of setting up a healthy spinal posture from infancy cannot be stressed enough. By getting your baby's fast-developing body adjusted, you're ensuring a happier, healthier childhood!


As they grow children tend to put themselves through the ringer even more so than adults. Have you ever seen a little one take a fall at a playground? Or crash their bike? It's a pretty rough and tumble life! Children may not complain of headaches, backaches, etc. as much as an elderly person may. Yet, that doesn't mean the underlying issues aren't there. These pains are simply the final symptoms of a pinched nerve pathway (called a subluxation). In addition, as children, humans are still developing. That means our bones and joints are still growing and forming. If your child's spine is allowed to maintain proper, healthy function as it matures, he or she will be set up for vibrant adulthood.


You want to live a healthy, vibrant lifestyle. And a big part of that is what we eat. Proper nutrition can affect not only weight and physical capabilities, but also mental alertness and energy levels. Of course this shouldn't mean fad diets or intense meal plans. Good nutrition is about more than simply avoiding unhealthy foods like white flour and sugar. It's also about fueling your body with proper macro and micro-nutrients.


You may have heard the analogy of fuel in an engine. When you put good, high quality fuel into an engine, it runs at maximum efficiency. When you fuel your body with good, high quality nutrition, it will run at maximum efficiency. Every person's nutritional needs will be slightly different, depending on their occupation, frame size, level of activity, and previous medical history. Doctor Swick has knowledge of  all aspects of nutrition. He is able to evaluate your current diet and give helpful insight to dietary deficiencies, things that should be eliminated, or supplements which may be beneficial. Dr. Swick understand how the body has different needs depending on lifestyle and circumstances (e.g. a pregnant woman will have different dietary needs than a 65 year old male). Come in to Swick Chiropractic for professional evaluation of your nutritional wellness.

In addition to chiropractic adjustments, Dr. Swick is able to provide you with a customized "plan" of specific stretches, at-home exercises, and muscle building techniques greatly assist recovery time. For example, if you are an office worker who spends much of their time sitting, working at a desk, Dr. Swick will be able to recommend specific  stretches for you to alleviate the pressure and tension that may build up in the neck and shoulder area.





Chiropractic Care

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A 2008 study of pediatric patients under 3 years of age (73 percent of whom were under 13 weeks) who had received a total of 5242 chiropractic treatments at a teaching clinic over a three-year period found no serious adverse events.8

A 2011 literature review of adverse events related to pediatric chiropractic care found no serious adverse event has been reported in the literature since 1992 and concluded “The application of modern chiropractic pediatric care within the outlined framework is safe.”

A 2014 review of compensation claims over a nine-year period in Denmark and Norway (where chiropractic care is part of the national health plans) found that—while children regularly consult Doctors of Chiropractic and up to 35 percent of pediatric patients in Denmark are infants—the number of compensation claims for adverse events in the pediatric age group in both countries was zero.

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